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  1. sujukry Sep 22, 2012

    yeah ~~~ Jrock ..rock..rock...i wanna rock
    I love Jrock .

  2. Shadowgirl Jun 26, 2012

    Does the gazzette count those guys are awesome coz they do anime stuff whoo anime and does scandal count as well

  3. DarkoJovanov Jan 05, 2012

    Hello everyone! I'm a lttle sad to hear that Pandagirl don't have time to stop by here but i think recently she wellcomed me for joining in group and i joined 2 days before...So anyone heard of a band 10-feet?i am searching theyr tabs for bass and lirycs,btw i want to write some information about band Maximum the hormone,if some members here are interested in them i will write something about them in few days,if i menage that is :P....

  4. Naneo Oct 20, 2010

    One of the oldest members here, although I'm not active anymore. Just dropping by to visit. Where's panda-chan? XD

  5. Archer89 Oct 06, 2010

    Hello fellow J-rock fans. New here. I can see that this group is not that active cause the admin is no longer active on MT but I hope this group will go active so as we can discover new bands/singers as well as talk about our passion for J-rock.

  6. LadyCrosszeria Sep 08, 2010

    I haven't been active in the group for a while, sorry~! I was kinda busy with work and the creation of my own group, so yeah xD
    Well I want to recommend a Visual Kei band I just came across with the other day. Maybe some of you know of it, it's name it's Jealkb. This band it's not that famous, they have only released two discs and it was a couple of years ago. However this band is worth of mention because it's members are all comedians! O.O Anyways here are two of the songs I like the best: Love Balance from the single Metronome and Oputi from the disc ROSES.
    Check it out~! xD

  7. Tist Sep 05, 2010


  8. LadyCrosszeria Aug 16, 2010

    I'm new here, nice to meet you all *bows* I'm a huge fan of J-rock although I don't know that many bands I'd love to increase my collection of J-rock music, so.. here I am xD
    Please take care of me minna~!

    Oh and for the featured artist I'd love to see something on Manterou Opera. I love those guys xD

  9. KiraKamiSekai Feb 09, 2010

    HeY^_^ALL ....i'm new here......and i want to make more friends ^_^....i love j-rock ^_^ fav bands are:the gazette,unsraw, exist trace,screw,dire en grey,girugamesh,lm.c,mucc,UVERworld,Gackt,M(...) and more^_^....Let's be friends with all!...nice to meet you all!

  10. angelxxuan Banned Member Dec 22, 2009

    hey guys just joined...I've been a jrock fan for years now

  11. alxmissanime Sep 15, 2009


  12. Shinzuki Aug 21, 2009

    Dir en Grey could be the featured artist! ><

  13. O929O821 Jul 31, 2009

    ?????? I'm very new to this group (as well as the site)! : D Please take care of me.

    I'm a really huge fan of Gackt and have been for...going on, what? Five years? I didn't realize it has been so long... Well, anyway. Gackt was the very first Japanese artist that I really payed any attention to, and it's hard to forget your first. ;D I'm also a fan of several more mainstream artists - as well as the smaller and newer groups. <33 As of late, my interests have been all over the place, so I decided to join a place to get back in touch with what snagged my attention from the beginning. O u O

    Let's be friends!

  14. Shiawase-michi Jul 21, 2009

    Yeah I think so, then keep improving the site doing the best we can
    See you around

  15. Hypnovell Jul 20, 2009

    Ya, nice to join you here. Hoping we can share many good experiences and bands (for sure)

    I think it's time to put some rarities here, like the rudie satan park or Gechena etc etc :']

    Fav' band is, of course, Dir en grey and the other one -OZ-

    So think that's all, see you later ;)

  16. Shiawase-michi Jul 15, 2009

    Ohaio minna! I'm new fav band is UVERworld and about girl I must say YUI.
    lLet's have great time together listening to great music.

  17. kiara-chan Jul 04, 2009

    Hi, I'm new here... A warm greeting to all j-rockers :D. My fav band is the GazettE and have their last songs if someone wants them I glade to give them :), they are so cool. Well have a nice day or night se ya ;)

  18. ECCHI Jun 26, 2009

    sorry for not being how is everyone? Well it seems that there are no new updates. Did you guys her about the Vamps US tour? And BoA coming to SF for the gay pride parade? Too bad I cant go! I really want to. >.< And welcome new members. =) I know this may not be the group but whos going to ax? anime expo? thats no fair! i cant go there either! No Fair! Anyway....Who here are LM.C fans? (high five to all those) Who's been listening to volcaloid? Theyre cool! xD Oh and who went to FAKE?'s concert in New Jersey? I heard some of the americans didn't like them...aww for Ken...But why did FAKE? go there?! i do not understand... J-rock rules!

  19. veeh4anime May 31, 2009


  20. Yanej May 13, 2009

    I love Gackt! Hi is best of the best

  21. angelxxuan Banned Member Mar 25, 2009

    hiya all I'm new to the group, I learned about jrock several years ago and thanks to this from anime and other sources I learned I rather like it

  22. turkoois Mar 09, 2009

    I did like to join this group if that's okay with you guys n_n

  23. loschris1 Jan 26, 2009

    f.u.c.k ya love j-rock go dir en grey and gazette love u home boi`z

    merged: 01-26-2009 ~ 03:56pm
    i wanna join how someone help me

  24. BloodyAna Jan 11, 2009

    I want join this group because I`m the number one j-rock girl in my town

    merged: 01-11-2009 ~ 11:39am
    Alice Nine, Gazette, Nightmare,UVERworld, LAST ALLIANCE, kakoii desu, dose anyone know LAST ALLIANCE from ouran high school host club (shissou) I want this song ^_^

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